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24 avril 2014

P1030373 i was not hungry of food yesterday night..

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21 avril 2014

P1030309 a marvelous artist, Edith Piaf

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16 avril 2014


she maintained that it was Carnival at Legsland.. and trust me, this leg is damn persuasive. Now I said yes, will she be asking every years on the 16th of April to get a costume?? oh my god, i should have thought about that before.

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Chapter one

Once upon a time, in a really far country from here, some gusts of hearts, that people had always called rain, were falling year-round.On that matter, it had just started to rain. As they always do, people in the street hurried to take out their umbrella. All but one, that has completely forgot to bring one. Well, he thought, nobody likes rain but I have never seen anybody in my past 17 years being actually under it. So how could they know how it feels? And he decided to pursue his walk as if nothing was wrong. And indeed, the rain didn't feel that bad.. He started to think that it was even very pleasant...

Next chapter tomorrow

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15 avril 2014


With Love, the world is prettier. Don't you think Miguel ?
7 month that someone seems to paint my contact in marvelous colours everyday. Would it be you by any chance ? 

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14 avril 2014




It has been a long time that i wanted to lock somewhere the beauty of this girl named Penelope. Now it's done, i'll be able to let other things amaze me!

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 Funny to think that just an hour ago it was a white piece of paper..

Coffee, soap, chocolate powder, dish washing liquid, sugar syrup, curcumin, spices, and flowers, all the ingredients that you will need to cook the magical potion that makes wizzards fall in love with you.   


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